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Progress in Sustainable Development


Our core mission involves offering technical guidance, conducting sustainability evaluations, and providing certifications to assist companies and research projects.


Ensuring the safety and sustainability of the environment requires extensive expertise and a versatile strategy. We stand ready to assist you in maximizing these elements to your advantage. Whether it pertains to licensing or the management of ecological systems, our partners are steadfast allies dedicated to supporting your goals.


Strategic determination plays a pivotal role in fostering sustainability. Our expertise is at your disposal to refine your overall social and environmental strategy, resulting in increased profitability, cost reduction, and an enhanced public perception. With our guidance, your stakeholders can become powerful advocates for your cause. Discover the protocols that align with the latest advancements to stay informed about current trends.

European Funding

Investigate European and other competitive initiatives for building capacity and accessing funding. We are here to assist you at every step, whether it’s engaging with local funding opportunities or establishing partnerships with prominent international organizations. Our expertise extends to providing recommendations to the European Commission. Embracing a passion for incubators and accelerators, we encourage emerging SMEs and startups to connect with us for valuable, complimentary advice.

About Us

The company offers a unique solution tailored for the raw material sector, specifically focusing on prototype material development.

Our core values revolve around a commitment to perfection and creativity. The primary approach to connect with customers will be facilitated through a digital tool. This digital tool serves as a supplementary strategy, enabling efficient communication, meetings, and collaborations with prospective customers within the industrial waste producer domain.

Our Team

Our team comprises dedicated specialists and seasoned professionals who share a common thread—they are all passionate technology enthusiasts who take joy in their work. Bringing together a diverse range of academic backgrounds and skills, we leverage this collective expertise to deliver optimal solutions and customized services, capitalizing on our team’s accumulated knowledge of raw materials and a shared passion for innovation.

Every member of our team is a dedicated team player, infusing energy, fresh ideas, and creativity into their work, fostering a collaborative and dynamic environment.






Technical Proficiency

Specializing in the development, modification, testing, and evaluation of materials, while offering expert advice on material suitability. We provide guidance on inspections, maintenance, and repair planning and organization, ensuring operational quality control processes are upheld. Additionally, we supervise engineering and technical personnel to maintain efficiency and excellence.

Our commitment to operational quality control is unwavering, and we take pride in overseeing a proficient team of engineering and technical staff to ensure optimal performance and outcomes.


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